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This week looks to bring a period of unsettling weather with two named storms bringing heavy winds and rain across the UK.

Today looks like the Penzance area may be effected by storm force winds over the next 24 hours.

With a potential storm of this nature, there may be a risk of damage on site and either LV or HV cables running to site coming down causing an interruption to supply.

There is also a small potential risk to structures and flying debris.

While we have done everything we can to mitigate site risk we would recommend that all persons on-site take the following precautions. this morning in preparation.

If you have guests on site – communicate with them

1. Stay indoors and stay safe.  When, and if the storm arrives please do not move around site.  Indoors is the safest place to be.

2. Have torches ready and spare batteries in case of power failure.  If there is a power failure this will be reported to Western Power automatically – there is no need to call us and we will update via email and on social media where needed.

3. Be ready for a power failure with extra blanket or duvets if needed.  Do not get cold.  In the event of power failure and you require emergency bedding please let us know.

4. If you like hot drinks, maybe a quick trip to the range or Argos and keep a flash of hot water at the ready.

5. Above all – stay safe, stay warm, stay indoors.

Kenegie Manor with our location does face extremities of weather and we are well prepared.

If you are not on-site, we will report to you as an owner directly anything we notice.

Looks like a Windy opening for the Season !

Stay safe, stay sane, keep smiling.

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