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Owners Update – Covid19

Latest Covid-19 information from Kenegie Manor

Owners Update – Monday 02nd November 2020 

I am sure you are  aware the latest government guidance issued on 31st October 2020 which has imposed new restrictions from Thursday 05th November 2020 – Thursday 02nd December 2020

Full details of the government advice can be found by clicking here 

What do the new rules mean tome as an Owner ?

1) Can I accept commercial paying holidaymakers in my property from 05th November – 02nd December.

Unfortunately not , unless your guest has to travel for work purposes (ie a workman/workwoman) and for a limited number of other exemptions which are set out in law.  If you do accept people that are “travelling for business” then I would recommend keeping a clear paper trail in case of a challenges from Cornwall Council.

This is covered under section 11.Travel of the government guidance.

2) Can I visit and stay overnight at Kenegie for leisure/to do winter works?

The government  section 11. guidance states :- “Overnight stays and holidays away from primary residences will not be allowed. This includes holidays abroad and in the UK. It also means you cannot stay in a second home, if you own one, or staying with anyone you do not live with or are in a support bubble with. There are specific exceptions, for example if you need to stay away from home (including in a second home) for work purposes, but this means people cannot travel overseas or within the UK, unless for work, education or other legally permitted reasons.”

Therefore in essence, for leisure no, for business yes, for business in relation to being a holiday homeowner, a loose maybe. What constitutes business is not 100% clear in the guidance  and you should form your own opinion on whether a visit overnight is genuine legitimate  business being a holiday home owner for winter works, improvements etc.    The spirit of the guidance is fairly clear though.

3) Can I visit the Estate Office from Thursday 05th November 2020 – Thursday 02nd November 2020

The office will not be open for visitors during this time we will not be carrying out any face to face meetings during this time.   Please just email or telephone as usual and we will be delighted to chat !
The office will be open Monday – Friday 1000 – 1500.

We completely understand how frustrating and confusing everything is with what you can and can not do changing by the day during these strange times.

However, we are here to help in anyway we can!

Just email us at if we can help.

Stay safe, stay sane, keep smiling.

Speak soon.


Owners Update – Tuesday 13th October 2020

Hello !

We hope that you are well ?

Like us, you’ve probably seen a lot of media speculation about new coronavirus measures which will be  introduced in the coming days and understandably you may be wondering what it means for for us at Kenegie in the last few weeks of this unprecedented year.

As always we’ll carefully consider any impact and communicate with you as soon as we can.

It may take us a few days to email and update you  if any Government changes affect operations especially if many guests are potentially affected, but we will always do our best.

Since the new announcement last night of a new three tier risk based system we have been hit again by a tidal-wave of guest contacts, all of which want an update on their holidays and clarification on what the new three tier system means to them and their forthcoming holidays.

The government website has a postcode checker which you can check the tier your area is in here – click here for the postcode checker 

If a guest is in COVID Alert level – very high, then we whilst in most areas there is not a necessarily a legal restriction on travelling outside their area (in some areas there is) , the government advice is  extremely clear that you should :-

  • you should try to avoid travelling outside the very-high alert level area you are in or entering a very-high alert level area, other than for things like work, education or youth services, to meet caring responsibilities or if you are travelling through as part of a longer journey
  • you should avoid staying overnight in another part of the UK if you are resident in a very-high alert level area, or avoid staying overnight in a very-high alert level area if you are resident elsewhere.
Therefore all guests that are in a very high alert area only  will be contacted in rotation and offered the option to cancel free of charge or amend their holidays to a later date in full support of this latest government advice and our commitment to treating customers fairly.CLUB HOUSE BUILDING  END OF SEASON CLOSURE 
At the present time our Club House building will close on Friday 30th October 2020 and re-open on Friday 12th February 2021 (subject to any restrictions in force)SWIMMING POOL BOOKING SYSTEM.
From Saturday 17th October 2020 because the footfall in the swimming pool is predicted to increase, we will be re-introducing the “book a swim” pre-booking software until the end of the season.  We would also ask that ALL GUESTS and VISITORS please report to reception on arrival.All guests and owners will need to pre-book their swim slot from 10am on the day they want to swim. – details can be found here.

Stay safe, stay sane, keep smiling !


PS. Please do reach out if we can be of help in any way.




Owners Update – Friday 25th September 2020

Owners Update – Friday 25th September 2020

Hello !

You have probably seen on the news and in papers this week that all people living in England and Wales are being urged to download the governments official NHS contact tracing app which was fully released yesterday.

The app features a “check-in” scanner and allows users to keep a diary of the locations they have visited and will alert them if there is a COVID19 outbreak that is link to their visit.

It will also warn us if there has been any positive cases of COVID-19 that has arisen.

In line with this, the government has issued guidance that all venues , including “hospitality” venues in England and Wales are legally obliged to display an NHS QR poster that guests can scan. Our understanding is that this obligation DOES apply to self-catering accommodation.

What does this mean for accommodation at Kenegie Manor ?

On the letting scheme, we capture all details of the lead party passenger at the time of booking to satisfy track and trace requirements but a QR code poster will be display in the reception office if guests furthermore wish to scan using the track and trace app and fulfil our legal obligation.

For guests not on the letting scheme, it is the leaseholders responsibility to capture contact details of the guests staying with you and these records are to be kept for a period of 21days after the guests departure and disclosed to public health England if required to do so.

It is our understanding (after lots of coffee/hob nob) that only one QR poster is required per postcode for the entire accommodation on site.  On our opinion we satisfy track and trace requirements by us all working together and each leaseholder keeping records of visitors which can be disclosed to public health England if needs be. Guests also have the option to scan using the QR poster in reception if they wish to.

If however you wish to be emailed a copy of the QR code poster for your unit please click here and we will email you a PDF copy for you to print.

What about the pool/bar and clubhouse ?

From Thursday 24th September 2020 we will display separate QR scanning codes for the pool and bar areas.

All guests or visitors to the pool or bar will either need to scan the QR code upon entry or leave contact details of their visit with the staff member on duty.

This is so should an outbreak occur we can support each other in isolating which part of the business is affected,  and react accordingly with the support of public health England.

The Bar will close at 10pm each night.

The government guidance on the handling and control of COVID19 transmission is rapidly evolving and we will always do our best to keep you as up to date as possible and try to communicate as best as we can,  however the contents of any updates is not formal legal advice and may not be relevant to your circumstances.

In other news…..

The leaves certainly have started to drop in abundance this week, so please do take care around park !

The Old Forge Bar food is delicious this year !

If you are on the letting scheme, your owners statements for your July and August letting  income will be issued on 30th September 2020, as usual.

We will be starting to focus on the 2021 letting programme shortly so if you wish to be considered for the 2021 letting scheme  please do let us know by Friday 02nd October 2020.

The cat is fine.

All the best.  Keep safe, stay sane and keep smiling.

Be kind !

Owners Update – Tuesday 22nd September 2020 


I know some of you haven’t heard from me for a while, and for  that I apologise !

Christine, Andy and the team  have been doing an incredible job in extremely testing circumstances over the past few months since we re-opened.

These season has been amongst the  most challenging yet educating times of my time in the leisure and hospitality industry.  I am sure I am not alone in these thoughts.

Back in March, the whole pandemic and new way of living took us all unawares and we had to rapidly adapt and rise to new challenges that faced us all in order to allow a consistency of operation when we re-opened.

We have learnt a lot over recent months but are in a much stronger and now leaner place as a result.

When it comes to our letting scheme and  bookings, we derive over 90% of our business now on-line.  However,  our post-booking processes are still very manual and labour intensive.

The office has been open constantly through the pandemic, dealing with an extremely larger “per customer” engagement before their arrival which has put the office under a lot of pressure.

In previous seasons it would have been a dream that so many  UK households would want a UK staycation. We thankfully made it through a very busy July and August, but  many of us have aged considerably during that time!

I promised to keep in touch as often as I could and I am sure it won’t come as a surprise to you that we need to now recognize and be pragmatic that  the next few weeks and months are likely to cause further disruption to us all.

But, we are ready and prepared !

We have recently seen more local lockdown restrictions imposed throughout the UK and we expect further restrictions to be officially announced later today.

We are already starting to see cancellations and refunds for October due to this and are inundated with calls from customers worried about their future holidays with us since the rule of 6 came into force.

We have worked so hard to ensure that all of us can relax in the knowledge that Kenegie is a COVID19 secure holiday park.  We also ensure that all managed units are cleaned and delivered to our safe stay standards.  You can rest assured that our commitment to this is unwavering.

However, we will also absolutely comply with all government directives and advice.

There is a real possibility of  nationwide travel restrictions over October Half Term, for example, and I hope they can be avoided as is always good to end a season with a bit of “Half Term cream”

Time will tell, but we will, of course, keep you updated with restrictions or changes we have to make to our day to day operations, as they are announced.

We have already had many calls from customers worried about their future holidays with us since the rule of 6 came into force.

Over the coming days and weeks, while this 2nd wave takes on its horrendous form I will keep in regular contact with you.  Please do reach out to us if we can be of assistance in any way !

I hope you like the “Community Like never Before” picture that was taken outside Newlyn Art Gallery today…

This year at Kenegie has shown me that we are, without a doubt… a community.

Stay Safe, Stay Sane, Keep Smiling !

Kind regards


PS.  We are still fueled by Chocolate Hob Nobs !


Owners Update COVID19 – Saturday 22nd August 2020

We hope that you are well ?

I am writing with an update on the ongoing use of the building facilities (Swimming Pool/Old Forge Bar and Shop) at Kenegie Manor.

As said many times before the health, safety and welfare of us all overrides all other business activities and sometimes hard decisions need to be made.

As you are aware the company, to support holidaymakers, enrolled in the HMRC Eat out to Help out Scheme during August so guests and owners could take advantage of 50% off our excellent menu.

This has led to an increase in demand, but has led to unacceptable aggression and behavior this week from both holidaymakers and even some owners !

People have been ordering large meals, not been willing to wait for food, people have been rude to my team when the tables have not been available and not respecting social distancing or capacity levels in the bar area.

Our team are so loyal to Kenegie and really to care deeply  about all of our guests and you all.

Kenegie is a well oiled machine, and I think sometimes that is the problem. they are not machines, they are people !  They are human beings that work bloody hard every day to take care of things so our holidaymakers can enjoy their holidays and you can enjoy your second holiday home.

They have worked additionally hard this year with new procedures and to put up with the abuse I have seen on CCTV footage this week is  completely unacceptable.

I have made the decision to withdraw immediately from the HMRC Eat out to help out Scheme.

Moving on,  all of the heightened safety measures are for the benefit of us all so I would ask again that ALL VISITORS TO THE ESTATE REPORT TO RECEPTION FOR A SAFETY BRIEF ON ARRIVAl.

Thank you so much to the owners that have made the effort to let your holidaymakers know!

On Saturday 15th August 2020 and Monday 17th August 2020 we have noticed a distinct apathy setting in towards COVID19 and I need your immediate help, support and understanding  to turn this around please.

COVID19 has not gone away.   It is still there and if it rocks up on site it will spoil our afternoon !

With this in mind, I will carefully monitor the situation over this weekend and early next week and if the community does not appear to be acting responsibility, with kindness and mutual respect towards us all , I will make the decision to close all facilities on site and just operate for accommodation only for the rest of the season as I will not be able to declare the facilities COVID19 secure – a commitment to you all I take extremely seriously.

Your support through this pandemic has been unwavering, thank you so much.

We have a great team here, we are asking you to look after us now please.

Have a great weekend.



Owners Weekly Update – Friday 10th July 2020


What a week it has been ! It has been so lovely to see the park spring back into life this week and see so many of you – it has been lovely to see you, albiet only briefly in some cases.

Thank you again so much for all of your positive comments.

This week has not been without its challenges with additional procedures and checks to deliver our product to safe stay standards.

We have also had changing government guidelines, unexpected changes to VAT rules and local lockdowns which have unsettled guests which had led to additional calls and contacts to reassure them in the office.

We have seen a surge in bookings this week too….

All good fun !

I am really pleased  to announce that government restrictions have been relaxed on the operation of indoor swimming pool complexes and as such our indoor pool will open on Monday 27th July 2020 at 1000am.

What do I need to do ?

If you could inform your guests of the below please.

We are delighted we can finally open the pool but to ensure the facility can be operated safely we have put the following in place which all guests on arrival will be made aware of.

1)  The Swimming Pool is only available on a pre-booking basis only.  You or your guests will need to book a “time permit”  at  There are no exceptions to this rule to ensure fairness to all guests and owners.

2) Guests will also need valid pool passes as well as the above “time permit” which will be available in reception as normal.

3) Swimming can only be booked from 8am on the day you want to swim, not before. This is so guests/owners can not block book spots.

4) Pool will be subject to a reduced capacity and usual social distancing will apply, together with a one way entry and exit system.

5) The Sauna, Hot Tub and Changing Rooms will be closed.  You or your guests will need to arrive beach ready from their unit as no changing facilities will be open.

6) All guests will be Thermoscreened before entry.

We will only operate the facilities on an ongoing basis if safe to do so and reserve the right to close any park facility at any time if considered appropriate.

Literature on this procedure can be picked up from reception.

Right, back to the coalface…..

Until next week, keep safe, keep sane, keep smiling !



Owners update – Thursday 02nd  July 2020 (late)

Well it certainly has been a long few months hasn’t it ?   We do sincerely hope that the weekly updates have been useful in providing some guidance through the craziness.

Also I hope it shows that we have been fully looking after things for you in your absence.

When the pandemic started back in March we made a commitment to keep in regular touch as the situation developed and also provide advice and guidance where we were able.

No, we did not have all the answers and  yes, we have made mistakes along the way and for that we thank you for your kindness, understanding, compassion and patience.

This pandemic is a once in a lifetime event and funnily enough they didn’t write a rule book on it did they !

But we are now ready to re-open on Saturday 04th July 2020. All guests, owners and visitors can now relax in the knowledge that we have taken care of things.  But we all still need to play our part.  Now is not the time to ease off the gas. We are only now just starting !


Check In
Check in for all guests is after 5pm – if you are on the letting scheme and are arriving on site, do not enter the unit if it does not have a security seal on it. This is for your safety.

Swimming Pool
The Swimming Pool , Sauna , Hot Tub and Coffee Shop will remain closed for the time being as per directions from HM Government.

Old Forge Bar
The Old Forge Bar and clubhouse will be open daily still serving great food with table service only. Also additional seating will be outside for drinks and food.
We have a great new Summer  menu  – click here for details
NEW for 2020 – Chef to U  –  takeaway ordering online delivered to your door – click here for details and menu.  Do try it out !
The gaming machines, pool table and dart board will be out of use.

Park Shop
The Park shop will be open

Tennis Courts
The Tennis Courts will be open for use on a first come first served basis.   If your guests require equipment please ask them to visit reception.

Putting Green .
The Putting Green  will be open for use on a first come first served basis.   If your guests require equipment please ask them to visit reception.

Play Area
The Play Area will be open for the time being.

The Launderette will be open.

Right, it is shortly time for curtain up.

It has been my pleasure to chat to you for the past few months.

Stay safe, stay sane, keep smiling !

Welcome back home and take care.


Please note that facilities will be only be operated on an ongoing basis if it is considered safe to do so and may be closed and/or restricted without notice.

Owners update :-   Tuesday 30th June 2020

Further to the HM Government Announcement yesterday, Leicester has become the first city in the UK to be put under a local lockdown.

The Government confirmed that :-

People should avoid all but essential travel to, from, and within Leicester and should “stay at home as much as you can”

Mr Hancock further added the measures will apply not just to the city of Leicester but also “the surrounding conurbation including, for example, Oadby, Birstall and Glenfield”

The health secretary said they will review whether it can lift any of the measures in two weeks’ time.

What does this mean to me ?
With this in mind we will be contacting all customers on the letting scheme due to arrive on or before Saturday 18th July 2020, within  the LE postcode area  this week asking them not to travel due to government restrictions and offering a full immediate refund or amendment in line with our holiday with confidence guarantee.

If you let commercially and are not on the letting scheme, please check all bookings arriving before 18th July 2020 and if they live in the Leicester area please contact your guest and advise them not to travel to us and either amend or cancel their booking.    Do not allow your guest to travel in breach of government restrictions please.

I live in the LE postcode area ?
The same applies, we would ask you not to travel to your 2nd home at Kenegie Manor until the lockdown in Leicester is listed as this would be considered non-essential travel.

I feel confident that we will all be responsible with this.

Speak soon, stay safe, stay sane, keep smiling.

Owners Update – Friday 26th June 2020 

Hello !

Where has this week gone ? Please accept my apologies for the lateness of this weeks update.

Our focus now  has  shifted onto getting ready to re-open for paying guests next weekend.

It has been a glorious weeks weather wise in Cornwall. Just as I am looking to finish for the day and go for my evening walk the fog and rain has suddenly come in… you best be Sunny next Saturday !

Our housekeeping team are now starting to refresh and deliver units to safe stay standards. As most accommodation has lay dormant for some time we will be ensuring that all units on the letting scheme are legionella safe too, and of course in tip top condition again and sealed ready for your guest use.

If you are not on the letting scheme we would recommend you ensure that effective legionella cleaning is carried out by yourself or your cleaner.

From 04th July 2020 we will be moving the check in process from the Old Forge Bar to outside for the time being so deliver a human socially distanced check in.

Also during the check in process the guest will be given safety information from our separate  NEW for 2020 manned  Safety Desk.   

The safety desk will be available for the use of all guests and owners to get the latest safety information and literature available.

Part of the safety desks duty will be to  also advise, counsel and warn (only if need be) guests that pose a risk to the health and safety of other staff, other guests, residents or leaseholder and report to management.

They will also do regular walk around’s to support guests in keeping safe while staying with us. Some guests may have concerns and will need that little additional reassurance so the visible safety desk will provide that additional layer of comfort.

We must not forget that all of our guests have chosen to visit us because they need a holiday.

Even more so after the severe restrictions of the past few months.  Our job is to deliver a safe, relaxing, secure and enjoyable holiday for everyone,  with the minimum of fuss, restrictions or bureaucracy… a new relaxed normal.   Guests can have the comfort they are being taken care of.

While it is still very early to say what impact what impact the high volume of bookings that have been lost from March to now,  the signs are there that domestic holidays will still have good demand for July August and September.    Our “holiday with confidence” and “safe stay” message is being extremely well received, and has led to one of the busiest activity days for our website this Wednesday.

In the office this week we are  happy that booking activity this week has been very strong. This has also been improved with positive media spin, apart from we noticed a decline yesterday with the Bournemouth debacle !(is debacle even a word ?)

The Old Forge Bar will be re-opening on Saturday 04th July 2020 for table sit down restaurant and takeaway service only and at a reduced capacity.

The small park shop will be open.

There will also be additional seating outside, so you can a can enjoy great food brought to your table, al fresco.

We are so pleased to welcome back Ryan, our chef who was with us in 2017. He comes to us  from the  The Old Success in Sennen. He has extensive catering experience at managerial level.

He has developed a fantastic fresh and exciting menu for the Summer Season and we are looking forward to the tasting session on Thursday afternoon ! Please do sample his food next time you are down, he has such a passion for delicious freshly cooked dishes.

We will get the menus over to you next week !

Internally, the layout of the bar has been slightly changed reducing capacity to COVID safe levels, screening will be put up between tables, sneeze guards  at the counter and a one way foot traffic system and we will be encouraging card payments. Hand Sanitiser will also be on all entrances and exits and the toilets will only be available for one person at a time.

The pool table, dart board and gaming machines at the current time will not be in use and we will not be operating an entertainment programme for the time being.

Over the Summer Season we will be developing the outside seating areas to provide additional seating, parasols and heating to make the area more appealing and attractive.

I think that is all for the update this week, if you have made it this far… well done !

Have a great weekend, stay safe, stay sane, and keep smiling !



Owners Update – Tuesday 23rd June 2020


Good afternoon,

We do hope that you are well ?    Further to HM Governments announcement today we are delighted that we have been given the green light to re-open Kenegie Manor on Saturday 04th July 2020.

It certainly has been a journey hasn’t it, but we enter the Summer now with a new and cautious optimism.

As said before we were waiting on clarification and instruction on several questions that are crucial to us all which have been answered today.

1)  When can I accept commercial paying guests ?
A.   You can accept commercial paying guests from Saturday 04th July 2020 and the letting scheme will accept guests for arrivals from Saturday 04th July 2020 and all units will be delivered to Kenegie safe stay standards and sealed.

2) What about second holiday home owners ?
A.  Come on down,  just from 04th July 2020 please !  (If you are on the letting scheme, please book in advance so we can ensure the unit is delivered to Kenegie safe stay standards)

3) What about the Swimming Pool ?
A.   The Swimming Pool, Hot Tub and Sauna will remain closed for the time being. Our apologies.

4)  What about the Old Forge Bar ?
A.    The Old Forge Bar will open on Monday 06th July 2020. Social distancing measures have been relaxed from 04th July 2020   “When 2m not possible, 1m + should be observed”   We will confirm later in the week the format of opening.

5)  What about social distancing on park ?
A:  The government were clear in their advice today. “When 2m not possible, 1m + should be observed” Therefore all 2m signage will remain.

I will be in touch later in the week with the usual Friday update.

If you have a question please do email us here.  and we will be delighted to help in any way we can.

Speak soon.  I think a decent coffee is in order now.




Owners weekly update – Friday 19th June 2020

Hello !

As we wait for news from the government regarding the lifting of restrictions of staying at second holiday homes and accepting commercial paying guests, we have been busy working behind the scenes this week.

We have been planning for Summer arrivals and considering ways, as a community we can together ensure that when restrictions are lifted we can all contribute to ensure that Kenegie Manor remains a safe environment for us all.

On 22nd March 2020 I commented on my firm resolve to keep Corona virus away from Kenegie Manor for the protection of us all.

Because life may be slowly getting back to a sense of “new normal” it would be unwise to start to become complacent and I stand by that commitment still.

Many of our conversations in previous weeks have been focused on cleaning routines, checking in and out guests and social distancing procedures that we will be implementing.

Your feedback really has been invaluable, thank you. This feedback along with other professional  advice and guidance have helped us shape the way we will operate for at least the rest of the 2020 Season, some of which was laid out last week.

A key part of giving guests the confidence to book again is knowing that their accommodation has been cleaned and sanitised to a high standard and this needs to be communicated to them.

After much thought, we are proud to launch the new “KENEGIE 2020 SAFE STAY” scheme which is available to all owners free of charge. (Do feel free if you want to buy a packet of chocolate hob nobs for me though !)

The scheme is intended to promote and also showcase which owners  have agreed  to take measures to ensure the cleanliness and sanitisation of their accommodation, the safety of their domestic staff,  a safe check in process with minimal contact, and appropriate communication literature has been  left in the unit.


The Kenegie 2020 Safe Stay  scheme has been developed to focus all our minds on the additional measures we need to take that we can all promote, reassure guests and give them the confidence to visit us instead of our competition.

In return for your commitment to the “KENEGIE 2020 SAFE STAY” Scheme we will provide you with :-

a) A printed “Kenegie 2020 Safe Stay” removable sticker to place in your unit window.

b) A listing on our website  with your property address, that your property has committed  to the “Kenegie 2020 Safe Stay” Scheme to reassure your guests with the steps you have taken.  This link you can use in your own advertising literature. (we will not be putting any owners contact details)

c) A PDF of the badge you can use in all of your marketing literature (valid until 31st December 2020)

d) General advice and support on COVID19 with the information we have at hand.

The Kenegie 2020 Safe Stay scheme will not provide you with an exhaustive checklist list nor does it constitute formal advice as it is impossible to eradicate all risk.   You  should carry out your own risk assessment and identify what  additional measures that you should put in place in your unit  in order to ensure that guests are as safe as possible and any risk of infection is reduced during their stay.

We are here to help in anyway we can,  and we  hope that your commitment, and the use of the “Kenegie 2020 Safe Stay” point of sale, will aid you in getting more bookings because it will  give customers that extra  peace of mind.

If you would like to enroll to the scheme, please click on the link below for more information.   Click here  

You will need to agree to adopt and implement each of the 10 Safe Stay Principles,  for every guest arrival.

Until next week,  keep sane, keep smiling !

Keeping Kenegie Manor 2020 Stay Safe for us all.


Owners Weekly Update – Thursday 11th June 2020

Good afternoon,

How are you ?  Firstly I would like to thank you for your patience and support since March, which I am sure you will all agree seems a lifetime ago now doesn’t it.?

One focus over the forthcoming months after re-opening, will be  working hard on the sales revenue performance of each unit that we manage.

We  will do all  we can to support the swift recovery of revenue and bookings for all owners, not just the owners on the letting scheme by offering as much guidance and support free of charge as I am able.

One observation is that a lot of owners have now blocked out their units on the letting scheme during peak season for their own extended use. (This is absolutely fine with us,  we are looking forward to seeing you !)  However, one must bear in mind that  this will, of course have an impact on your net year end results.

Demand is getting stronger by the day, (still not a tidal wave and steering more towards September and October breaks this week)

After we re-open, because of the uncertainly surrounding the market we will also do our best to share insight into trading trends and the general tone of guests.

This week out on Park we have finished the first wave of social distancing signage and have  been clearing up the front gate area on the right as you drive in.

We have also taken delivery of some more bedding plants to give some instant colour.  Rain has somewhat stopped play today.

As we continue to softly prepare for opening with “an abundance of caution” we are of course guided by the government, and this advice should become clear shortly.

As said last week once, we have this confirmation we will write immediately with our framework for opening but share this week with you some plans by way of  Q & A’s.

This information is fluid, and in a changing world , is subject to change but hopefully it helps give an idea of how we have risen to the challenge of delivering safe and consistent services in an ever changing landscape.

I hope next week to have more definitive news.

Stay safe, stay sane, keep smiling !



Q: When are you  planning on re-opening ?
A: We are waiting on the green light from the government but indications are for 04th July 2020 but we will react immediately according to firm information received by HM Government. We have no information whether the staying overnight at 2nd holiday homes at this stage will be permitted before 04th July 2020.

Q: How are you cleaning units ?
A: All the cleaning team and housekeeping will be issued with and wearing appropriate PPE of gloves, masks etc.

All company owned letting stock and units on the letting scheme or company managed cleaning scheme will be cleaned and disinfected using anti-viral hospital grade disinfectants.

Furthermore they will be additionally “fogged” using the latest anti-viral misting technology and products.

After “fogging” the door will then be sealed with an anti tamper security seal to ensure, reassure and inform guests (and owners) that no-one has been in the property since it was cleaned.

We would recommend that all owners thoroughly review and document their own uplifted cleaning routine that can be evidenced if need be.

Q: I am on the letting scheme and I have booked the unit for myself/family/commercially?
A: Please inform your guest or friends  that the unit will have a tamper evident security seal on the door and if the unit is not sealed then the uplifted cleaning procedure has not been completed and we would not recommend entering the unit.

Please just telephone or visit reception.   Hope this makes sense ?

Q:   What about check in and check out time ?
A:  Enhanced cleaning and high grade contact cleaning products will take additional time.

We have changed our check in time from 4pm to 5pm and check out time from 10am to 9am to give the company additional time to deliver units safely so the cleaning team is not put under pressure to cut corners. This applies to all cleans.

Q: I need reassurance?
A: Yes, we completely understand that.

As said before the health and safety of us all overrides all other business objectives.  We have worked tirelessly throughout this pandemic to keep Kenegie Manor safe and secure for us all, and have consistently looked after things as best as we are able.

Moving forward we will continue to take a firm and uncompromising view towards safety.

As a site, we are a low density development so it is very easy to socially distance and mitigate risk using mainly common sense, but everyone needs to work together.

We will be issuing additional literature and information on check in about our uplifted cleaning practices. We have also placed additional signage around the park to encourage social distancing, and regular hand washing together with sanitizes.   Regular reminders, information and education will be the key.

Q: What about guest check in?
A: It is vital to keep that human interaction as much as is safely possible and we will be offering a contactless check in, in a socially distanced environment.

All keys will  be sanitized and sealed in a plastic envelope and the reception office has been rearranged with plastic safety screening.

Q:What about reception?
A: We will be encouraging guests and owners  to telephone the office rather than visit in the first instance.

If maintenance or housekeeping need to visit then the guests will be required to leave the property and PPE will be worn.

At the present time the office is open 1000 – 1600 Monday – Friday.  When we re-open we will be back to 7 days opening.

Q: What about the outdoor facilities ?
A: The Tennis Courts, Putting Green and all outdoor facilities will remain open and sanitized equipment can be borrowed from the reception building.

Q: What about the Old Forge Bar?
A:  The Old Forge Bar when allowed to legally re-open will still remain closed for the time being as we consider, with the current social distancing guidance that we are not confident that we can operate in a COVID19 secure way or be profitable.  This will be subject to continual review.

However, we will be offering  a full takeaway service which will be bookable (and payable) on-line and have re-branded the takeaway to “Chef To You”

We will be offering excellent quality takeaway food and bottled alcoholic drinks that will delivered to all guests doors.

Please do support it, get your guests to support it,  as the Old Forge Bar employs 3 staff members ! (Further information to follow)

Q: What about the indoor pool ?
A: When we are allowed to open, we all need to feel reassured that we can exercise safely and in a secure environment.  The following will apply:-
i)     The Swimming Pool capacity will be strictly reduced from 24 to 10.
ii)     The changing rooms will remain closed and guests will need to arrive “beach ready”
iii)     The Sauna and Hot Tub will remain closed.
iv)     All guests, leaseholders, owners, staff will need to book a timed swimming slot online so                        occupancy can be safely and fairly managed.
Pool passes will also need to be purchased or shown.
v)      Swimming slots can only be booked from 8am on the day of use only and ONLY ONLINE.
vi)     We have also turned to technology and have a state of  the art Hikvision Access terminal which              is integrated with airport style fever screening technology and can quickly scan guests as they                enter our leisure area – and will refuse those who are indicated to  have a temperature, and                      therefore may be displaying potential Covid-19 symptoms.
More information can be found on: – the link is not                    finished yet.

Q: Where do my guests get Pool Passes from ?
A:  Just visit reception in the normal manner and they will be issued with passes in the normal way and given information on how to book time slots online – easy ! The cost of the additional software and Access Control to make the Pool COVID19 secure has not been passed onto guests or owners in lieu of the hot tub and sauna being closed for the time being.

Q: I am an owner or staff member do I need to book a timepass ?
A: Yes,  the pass system is about being fair to all.  Think of it as a Disney FastPass !

I have a question ?    Please click here to email us.


Owners Update – Friday 05th June 2020

Good afternoon – bit late this week.

We do hope you are keeping well and safe and have been enjoying the weather ?

In this weeks update,  we thought we would focus, not on the negativity around the current situation, but think we should now start to focus on the “next step” and the opportunities we all have being an independent holiday park.

We are as keen and as eager as you all are to return to a certain level of normality,  and strongly promote Kenegie Manor and positive responsible Cornwall tourism.

Our position has been made clearly in previous updates, together with legislation passed to prevent tourism and traveling and staying at second holiday homes at the present time.

These restrictions are still in place.

Your unwavering support as leaseholders with this, and  to prevent the spread of COVID19, has been really appreciated, thank you.

One of the major discussions holiday park operators are having is when does it become acceptable and more importantly effective to once again market actively to consumers.

We have seen other holiday park operators, rather than just take an “informational approach”, taking very early steps to tentatively market in April and early May.  This in most cases has led to poor performance, sometime harsh consumer criticism, abandonment from email databases and no real ROI.

As you are aware of by now,  our positive voice and developed brand (the the benefit of all) is fiercely protected and all external literature is carefully and meticulously considered.

We feel the time is nearly right now to start to slowly put our  message out there, however we would be foolish to believe that a booking avalanche will come when the candy shop is not even open yet !

According to the government road map laid out, being a holiday accommodation provider, we fall into phase three of re-opening.

At the moment the government are indicating a relaxation of the current restrictions in early July 2020.

We have been informed that the government will give further guidance in about two weeks and we  will, of course, update as soon as we can.

We are waiting for the following questions to be answered  1) when can we open    and 2) when can 2nd home owners visit and stay.  This will give a clear and firm guidance to us all.

With this in mind, and with an abundance of caution, we are starting to make  plans to reopen on Saturday 04th July 2020. 

However, we must remain fluid, realistic and the 2020 yield,  and  ready and able to react immediately to the ongoing situation.

Throughout this pandemic, we have tried our  hardest to keep you all informed and as updated as we are able to.  We have also tried to keep the tone as light as we can by keeping you up to date with how we are looking after things in your absence.

We apologize if sometimes information is either lacking or in short supply as sometimes we simply do not know concrete answers.

As owners, we are sure you will have lots of  re-opening questions for us to answer.

Once we are given the green light we will swiftly issue to all owners our  “POST COVID19 2020 Operations” document. (This is still in progress)  It will provide you with the Estates framework of operation when we re-open for your reference and for communication to your guests.

It will almost certainly answer nearly all the questions you have.

For the rest of the 2020 the operation of Kenegie Manor will be somewhat different – but safe.

We are ready !

Until next week, stay safe, stay sane, keep smiling


Owners Update – Friday 29th May 2020.Good afternoon,

We trust that this week has been good ? What glorious weather!  This half term week does bring a bit of sadness staring out at an empty holiday park when it would normally be full of happy holidaymakers enjoying everything we all love about West Cornwall and Kenegie Manor. (and the tills in the clubhouse and bar would be ringing !)

However, please rest assured that we are doing everything to keep the Estate in good condition in readiness for a phased opening.  As said before, we can be ready in three working days to re-open.

At the time of writing this, the government directions are still somewhat vague and we are spending extensive time looking at all information that is available to us, and how it applies to us.

It still seems that early July is being mooted around.

Do you dip into social media ?  If so, do take a scoot by our FACEBOOK page, Kenegie Manor Holiday Park – click here  to see regular updates and photos and please do engage with positive comments to our guests. Each post is now getting several thousand views and has a real community feel.

On the Estate this week we have now completed the bin bays at the top of Old Court and they have been stained in a “go away green” colour.    They are now looking a lot tidier and together with the new “Zero to Landfill Bins” this area, while not perfect yet, is now looking a lot better.

The plan over the next week or so is to start to tidy the area on the right as you come in through the gate as this needs some attention.

We also have a lot of high level work to carry over over the next 12 months around the Manor and Club House, so rather than keep renting scaffolding, we have invested in a small tower, which was delivered on Wednesday of this week with an “ikea type” instruction manual.   We can see Andy making a “transformers robot tower”!

We have been also starting to drip the “holiday with confidence” message which can be found on our main website which is being well received and has seen increased activity and the September and October order book at the moment is looking healthy.

Over the next few weeks, we hope to have a  more news on re-opening but in the mean time, stay safe, stay sane and keep laughing.

Until next week. Take care.

For all owners updates – click here



Owners Update – Friday 22nd May 2020

I hope all is well this week ?

In the office this week we have  seen organic website traffic increase by 30% from the previous two weeks, with a slant towards searches for later in the year.  So starting in early June we will be slowly pushing the “book with confidence” message and keeping our finger on the pulse and reacting accordingly.

We are still reaching out to all guests booked up to Friday 03rd July 2020 as Kenegie Manor is closed for new guest arrivals  until at least Saturday 04th July 2020. We have been amending their holiday or cancelling and offering a full immediate refund.

While we hope to re-open in some form in early July, the detail at the time of writing this is still somewhat lacking but we will of course keep you as updated as we can in a timely manner.

Out on site this week we have been starting to COVID19 prepare the site ready for the “new normal” and have been painting temporary removable  social distancing signage.  We have also been continuing with the new bin bays in the tennis court car parking area which will be finished in the next few days. Having big bins hidden is a marked improvement and they will be stained in the usual “go away green colour”  We have also ordered new netting for the Tennis Courts.

We have also been filling large holes in the dog walking area and are starting to use the mound of wood chip for ornamental purposes around the site from the recent safety tree felling.

Because of the time of  year we also have a few bee colonies that have rocked up expecting free board and lodgings!  This has been a bit of an ongoing problem and can be a nuisance, so we have met with a professional local  apiarist this morning to get advice on their removal to a more comfortable home and deal with this as quickly as we can.   We will also get advice on  managing  this moving forward to potentially attract nomad colonies to a different parts of the site for a quick removal if they return.

Because of the lack of footfall on owners patios (ie no guests!) we have  also put weedkiller down on all patio areas over the past two weeks to tidy things up.  The next large job will be putting up the new poly tunnel when it arrives in a few weeks.  (Manor House residents will have an area in it dedicated to you if you want, I heard there will be chairs and a kettle!)

Until next week – stay sane, stay safe, keep laughing!

For all owners updates on COVID19 – CLICK HERE

As always, if we can help in any way please do not hesitate to reach out anytime via email – click here to email us.



Owners Update – Friday 15th May 2020

Hello !  Well the weekend is nearly here and and are keeping as busy as ever.  The weather has been glorious this week hasn’t it?

What have you been up to this week ?

This week we have started to liaise with other large holiday park operators and whatever the plan is from July on wards,  we  believe that the long term view on domestic UK holidays is very positive.

Yes there are some bumps in the road this year as we navigate our way through travel restrictions , lack of consumer confidence and disposable cash for holidays, coupled with when and how overseas travel bounces back.

Pleasingly, what we have been  seeing is that guests are slowly returning; there’s a slow run up to booking volumes rather than floodgates being opened.

We do not consider yet the time is right to push people hard. – but things are slowly turning, which is a small but positive step.

When we re-open,  we will   ensure that we follow meet and exceed all the government recommended COIVD19 Secure guidelines.

This  together with our extremely strict health and safety procedures will confirm and re-assure with no doubt that Kenegie Manor is COVID19 Secure.

We will also provide guidance to all owners not on the letting scheme with details of uplifted, sanitation and cleaning routines.

Complete and through risk assessments are in the process now of being conducted, and also relevant changes will be made around the park shortly  to adapt Kenegie Manor to the   “new normal”

Kenegie Manor has always been a safe Holiday Park and will always continue to be, and when the time is right we need your help to tell your guests this.

As we have a very loose framework of re-opening we are starting to focus on four key areas in our communications that  which will put us all on the front foot.

If you are not on the letting scheme then we would recommend that you consider some of these fairly shortly.

  • Re-assurance – Leaseholders, staff, holidaymakers and contractors will need reassurance that it’s safe to visit Kenegie Manor and that the park is delivering certain basics, such as socially distanced and contact less check-in, enhanced cleaning standards and proper social distancing practices  and signage on park.
  • Flexibility – Holidaymakers need reassuring  that if something happens in the future they can transfer their booking to later dates, or get a  full no quibble immediate refund.
  • Speed  –  As a company we do actually have our finger on the pulse and are able to capitalize on any increase in demand and also be flexible during  slow periods. Same day decision making  to maximize occupancy and revenue are in place
  •  Community Spirit –  Kenegie Manor is warmly thought of in the community. However there may  be some local concern around re-opening when the time is right.

As we start to prepare for the “new normal”  we will be listening carefully to all leaseholder feedback. Please do email with any thoughts, feedback or concerns.  Click here to email Have a great weekend,   stay safe, stay sane and keep laughing !

Owners Update  – Tuesday 12th May 2020
Good morning!

Further to the  much anticipated  broadcast from the Prime Minister on Sunday,  it didn’t really clarify the easing of lockdown restrictions for the self-catering sector of the tourism industry.The announcement did offer broad direction on some elements of lockdown easing.

Furthermore recent documentation released late yesterday afternoon indicated ‘Hospitality’ (including accommodation) would be eased during step three of the three-point plan.

This was highlighted as being, at the earliest, July 4th.  This could mean certain parts of the hospitality industry, including restaurants, cafes and other public places, reopening as long as they are safe and implementing social distancing measures.  All of this, however, is conditional upon the ‘R’ rate of infection remaining below one and came with quite a stiff warning that the government “will not hesitate to put on the brakes” should a second wave of the virus happen or the R rate begins to increase.

The government did make it clear that leaving your home – the place you live – to stay at another home for a holiday is not allowed. This includes visiting second homes. Thank you so much for your help and support with this – we know how frustrating this is.  We want to see you too!

At this time, as stated before the company is in the process of  putting procedures in place and full COVID19 Secure risk assessments, that will allow ourselves to re-open at very short notice  – and safely.

From all the information we have, we can clearly infer that parks will remain closed for business until  04th July 2020 at the earliest, with the hope for further clarity later in the week but it would be unwise now to consider otherwise.

In the mean time, we will be updating our website over the next 24 – 48 hours to reflect this news and start to take care of the June guests on the letting scheme, and thank you for your support in keeping contact with the offices to urgent matters only.

However, we can all take comfort that at least now (whatever your political thoughts on the matter) have a broad outline to work towards.

We will be in touch when we have further news.

Stay safe, stay sane, keep laughing.

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Owners update – Friday 08th May 2020

Hello!  It’s Friday again! This week has just flown by on site.

Happy VE Day!

Everyone has their own, and sometimes highly personal story to tell about the war and we won’t disrespect that memory by using corny word bites.   Today though should be  a day of celebration and of course it will be a little strange when mixed up in the current situation.

What are you up to today?   Do let us know… are you having a Cornish Cream Tea while dreaming of Cornwall?  Anyone that doesn’t put jam first will be named and shamed!

This week we have been drawing up plans that can be implemented immediately so we can re-open on a staged basis quickly and efficiently whilst following all government guidelines.

We all now accept there will be a new and different tomorrow for some time to come.

The core and overriding factor is ensuring the safety of us all and the management team has spent several days examining this in detail. (While out line painting,  grass cutting, weeding,  taking bookings, doing paperwork)  – see we can multi task.

We are not quite there yet.  But will be soon. The companies safety record is impeccable and will not be compromised by a commercial eagerness to resume normal operations before it is correct and proper to do so.  Extra PPE will need to be purchased. Additional high grade disinfectants will need to be sourced. New information signage will need to be printed. We are still OK on toilet rolls though !   Guests will also  need to be communicated with in a fun yet formal way.  So as you understand, quite a lot to think about before we can march forward.

Out on the grounds,  again the weather this week has been a bit unpredictable.   The ride on lawnmower is outside the office door waiting for it to dry a bit before we go out.

We have, however, continued to tidy up the private Bonsai collection and that area is now looking nice.  We have also now completed approx half of Old Court’s safety lines.   We have taken a few tree queries from you which we will look at if we can,  when our tree surgeon comes back on site to continue with the usual annual works from the tree risk assessment.

We also have a thermoplastic 10MPH sign to put into the ground near to the gate to remind all Estate Visitors to keep to a safe speed when driving around the site.

Next week we will be putting the hanging baskets up which really will lift spirits.

We all know the government are planning to make an announcement on Sunday  with instructions to us all on the next step in the pandemic.

We await this speech with interest, and rather than second guess, we will report back early next week with how this speech relates to us all, and our abundantly cautious plans moving forward.

Stay safe, stay sane and keep smiling.

Have a great weekend !

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Photo credit:-   a couple dancing in front of the Manor House when the building was a hotel.

Owners update – Friday 01st May 2020

Firstly, a big thank you for all your emails this week !

It was also great to see better engagement on our public social media platform. Do scoot over and have a look. More positive engagement benefits us all.  Click here for link 

For those that didn’t see the governments daily update last night, the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson says he will set out a “comprehensive plan” next week on how to restart the economy.

We are following these plans with intense interest and will provide updates on how these plans relate to us all.

In the mean time, this week behind the scenes, we have started a slow drip feed email marketing campaign,  just to keep Kenegie Manor in the forefront of all of our guests minds, with no heavy sales message.

Communication is key to retain our guests loyalty.   If you are not on the letting scheme, how are you staying in touch with your guests ?    There will come a time within the next two to three weeks that the market will slowly start to be receptive to sales messages and an extremely careful balance now has to be struck.

Shortly a thank you “reach out”  personal  postcard will be dispatched to all guests as well.

As you may (or may not) be aware, the companies  approach to health and safety has been described again this year as “impeccable” and as said many times before, safety overrides all other business concerns.

This week, following our annual tree assessment we have had the opportunity to carry out (and in the process spend several thousand pounds !) or essential safety work on the grounds, and are in the process of addressing any trees or limbs that could pose a risk to safety only.

The management of the extensive trees on site as they mature, will always be a toss up between safety,cosmetic and  light management.

As trees mature their management bill will also increase.

On the up side , we now have plenty of wood chippings for ground cover and some great logs to build a bug hotel !

Also we will be drying out timber that we can use for firewood.  Please ask when you are on site and if we have any spare, you are welcome to them.

The weather outside this week in the mornings has been fairly poor which has stopped exterior play a bit.  Yesterday, Christine had her ride on lawnmower training, and now you may see her when you visit on the John Deere! She didn’t approve of grass cuttings on her suede boots!

Today work has commenced on new wooden bin bays in the overflow car park by the tennis courts so the unsightly bins are hidden from view which will make that area more appealing.

Well the sun is out now and the temperature just about warm enough to get out to continue some line painting.

Until next week.

Stay safe, stay sane, stay in touch.


Owners Update – Friday 24th April 2020

Good afternoon!  We can’t believe how fast the weeks are now passing.  Every day that passes is one day closer to re-opening !

This week we have been spending time out on the grounds.

If you like, you can follow our  activities on Facebook (link click here) and  you will see we have been looking after my late brothers Bonsai collection and giving them a little love this week.

Our Facebook page is public facing.

This week the company also made the decision to extend our closure period until at least Thursday 14th May 2020.  We  have been spending our time dealing with the extensive guest queries and looking after them.

The media news this week has been fairly positive and there are signs that the “curve” is  now flattening. I am sure that we are all aware a sudden complete lifting of restrictions in place could cause, like in the 1918 pandemic, a 2nd and worst curve which could  undo all the good work the country as a whole is doing.

We will always as a company  follow all government advice implicitly.

We will always listen to the tone of guests when we talk to them (they are our bread and butter) and of course, we will always listen to you – our owners.  Always feel free to reach out.  To email us click here

We are currently in the process of developing a “gear up ” opening procedure so this can be applied, but only when the time is right.

I think we all realise it would be naive to think that things will get totally back to normal quickly.

Our “gear up” approach may look at opening the site but with restricted facilities in the first instance, and slowly re-opening different facilities as risk diminishes.

We are keeping in touch with the furloughed team on a daily basis, and they are looking forward to returning as soon as possible. So our 2020 team is ready and in place!

Among the many topics that will theme our updates over the up and coming weeks, we will be focusing our thoughts on how the current situation will adjust our approach to our day to day operations moving forward.

Also we will focus on how we can all work together, stay ahead of the competition and give our guests the confidence to return to Cornwall and holiday with us safely.

This approach will form the core basis of our marketing plan moving forward.

For the owners not on the letting scheme we will also do our best to  help you prepare for when you are able to open your doors to the public again and provide as much advice, if you need it, as we are able.

Whilst we understand there is growing “itchy feet” to re-open and accept guests,  we will use all the advice at hand to make the best decisions we can for the benefit of us all and the protection of the Estate and its residents.

Have a great weekend, stay safe, stay sane, keep smiling and we will see you soon!


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Owners update – Friday 17th April 2020

Good afternoon!

How are you this week ?  We trust that you are keeping safe and well ?

We are sure that you are aware by now that the country has been placed on “lockdown” for a further three weeks which we believe is absolutely the correct thing to do, however frustrating it may seem today.

Yes, today may seem hard  but tomorrow will come and we are still doing everything we can to look after our guests, stay in regular communication (as promised, even if there is not a lot of news!) with you, and also ensure the smooth and continual running of Estate services.

On a more positive note we have been busy this week  continuing with painting patio white lines. Andy omitted to inform us that line paint has a distinct smell !

Christine was having a whale of a time which turned into a lovely socially distanced little tea and chocolate hob nob break on the lawn area behind Park 2 – 20 !    What a beautiful area ! It is actually not often that we get chance to just stop and realise how lucky we are.  More lines to be painted next week in between general management work.

Andy has been moving the brand new (unsmelly !) Zero to Landfill bins into place around the park ready for re-opening. The old Biffa ones are now in the car park and locked ready for collection.

He has also measured up for the Polytunnel (42ft x 14ft)  which has now been ordered for delivery mid to late May.     We have also ordered more Mccaddum Cold lay so we can continue with road repairs.

On the grounds, we have been reclaiming a large area by heavy  cutting back up the driveway and spending time around the Manor house this week in between other general duties.

There have also been several birthdays this week with the furloughed staff members so we have been making silly “birthday greeting videos” for them and sending them so they know we are thinking of them.

In the office this week, we have been busy amending guest bookings and staying in regular contact with all of  them.   We also received numerous Easter pictures from owners, thank you so much !

It is highly likely that we will be closed after 07th May 2020 and we will let you know as soon as we can on this.

Some owners have asked questions regarding potential  cover for pandemics with their insurers.

As an appointed representative, regulated by the FCA we are limited to the actual advice we can give and it is too early to confirm any quantum of losses.

However, please rest assured that if you are on the letting scheme we have been  doing everything we can to mitigate this for you. (We really want to retain our letting commission!)

If you have insured via Gallagher’s then please email them  at  if you consider that any losses you have are due to an insurable risk.    We can not claim for you.While we can not give specific advice on the merits of claims, or otherwise, we will, or course, assist if you require documentation, but only once we are re-open and quantum is apparent and this is requested in writing by your insurer.

We are also as said before, considering opening during this Winter only, if feasible,  and will refer back when I have further news on this.   Have you thought about Winter in Cornwall ?  It really is beautiful.Have a lovely weekend, take care and we will speak next week.

Best wishes and kind regards and please do email if we can help at all.

Stay safe, stay sane, and don’t forget to laugh !




Owners Update:-  Friday 10th April 2020

Well Easter weekend is finally here and it has been another very busy week behind the scenes here at Kenegie Manor.

It is with sadness that we have extended  the park closure until Thursday 07th May 2020 and have, again been reaching out personally to all guests this week that have booked up to this date.

There seems to be a definite slow turning of the tide now.  People have been at home for some time and for guests that have booked 17th April 2020 – 07th May 2020 we have had much more success in amending their holiday dates to later in the year and next year  (As said before we will always try to keep them in the same unit if we can)

This week we have also promoted to our guests “things to do in isolation”  – do click here to have a look. It is just a little ditty with the goal of  keeping us in peoples minds and creating that emotional attachment to Cornwall and Kenegie  at the moment, so when the time is right, we will be at the front of their minds.

We have now completed all of the “mini shut downs” for all owners on the letting scheme and for the other owners that have requested them.

Out on the grounds this week we have been painting white safety lines and conducting repairs to the park lighting circuits.  Also we have been replacing thermo-plastic yellow lines for the speed bumps and it is nice to see them looking fresher.

We have also ordered this week,  Heathers, Apricot begonias, Giant Trailing Fushias, Lychnis Chalcedonica, Aubrieta, Red Hot Pokers , Black Roses  , Echinacea Purpurea , Pennisetum alopecuroides &   Summer Twist Geraniums  Red and White which will be delivered later in the month.

We will be also ordering our usual bedding plants for delivery shortly to give us some beautiful colour!   This week we have also been seeding with grass seed patches of bare ground and cutting back or felling light sucking conifers.

Is there any particular new planting you wish to see ?  Please do click here to email us any ideas you may have.   We would love to hear your thoughts.  We always spend several thousand pounds a year on Estate Planting – just this year, with the present circumstances we thought we would keep you in the loop! We hope this is OK ?

From feedback we got from owners last year and holidaymakers, we were told we were not doing enough for our “green credentials”    We certainly did listen to this and from next week we have changed refuse suppliers from Biffa to “Zero to Landfill” – they promise to do what they say on the tin and we will be shouting this out when the time is right and really trying to embrace this.

Do you have any “green credential” ideas ?   Do let us know.

Well that is about all this week and from all of us to you, have a lovely, peaceful and relaxing Easter.

We really can’t wait to see you again soon!

Just one favour, we would love to see a few Easter pictures of what you are up to this weekend.

Keeping in touch with us really does lift our spirits.

We will publish the best ones next week on here….    Click here to send an Easter Picture

Take care, until next week.

Stay safe.

Owners update – 06th April 2020

Good afternoon.

After careful review of the on-going situation  and government restrictions, we have made the decision to extend our closure period until Thursday 07th May 2020.    We will review this on or before Friday 01st May 2020.


Owners Update – 03rd April 2020

Good afternoon!   How are you this week?  We have spoken to so many of you over the past few days and again thank you for all of your kind words.  This social distancing is hard isn’t it?

This week  we have been speaking to all guests arriving up to 16th April 2020 and have now either re-booked them or arranged full refunds on their holidays if they were unable rearrange them.

This has been a mammoth undertaking, especially with the Easter guests and we are starting to see a light at the end of this.   The guests have really  been fantastic and  have appreciated the personal call and interaction.

At this time, as said before it is about doing the right thing with our valued customers and really going that extra mile to take care of our guests, even if they may not  be visting in the foreseeable future.

Shortly, we will be doing a “dreaming of  Cornwall”  postcard to the guests that couldn’t visit us this year, so we are cemented in their minds for their future Cornish Holiday. Timing : TBA

We would really recommend if you are not on the letting scheme, as said before,  that you stay in touch with your cancelled guests, as it is highly likely they will book again ! Don’t let them get away!

We have also been finalizing mini-shut downs and Christine will liaise with you directly on this.

Again, please feel free to e-mail her at if you need anything at all – even just a chat.   We  really are here to help.

During the close down period, as said before, the Estate has HD CCTV, and we also are also checking the entire grounds on a daily basis and all units for your  security.

Out on the grounds, we have been landscaping an area coming up the driveway into the car park and this has now been seeded, and the grounds are looking very tidy.

We have been also transplanting a lot of wild primroses into cracks in the Cornish hedges with compost. We should see the benefit of this next year.

We are still shopping around for that PolyTunnel ! (all are welcome in it for a cuppa when it arrives and we come out of hibernation and it is up)

We have also started to do pot-hole repairs and also it is the ideal time to weed kill areas that need it .We have also started to carry out tree works from our recent annual tree survey.

With Easter fast approaching it is such a shame we wont be having our community  Easter Egg hunt this year but we will be planning a few Summer Events when we are back to normal.

A  question some leaseholders may have is claiming “business interruption” losses via their own insurers.  At the moment, it is very early days and we need to let the dust settle a bit.

Next week I will provide you with further information on this where I am able to, and some general support recommendations and signposts.

In more positive news, this week we  formally approached Cornwall Council with an application to relax the 10 month holiday occupancy rule for the entire Estate for this Winter Season only, so this would allow all owners to let their property for the entire Winter.

Winter in Cornwall is lovely!

If the outcome is positive then we will look at the feasibility (bearing in mind increased utility costs) of opening in November and December this year only as the signs are that there will be a buoyant market once the country is back on track.

This relaxation, if granted will apply for all leaseholders and not just those on the letting scheme.

If feasible we will also open the club house, swimming pool and bar too.    It will also provide much needed winter employment.

We may go quiet on this for a while but will let you know as soon as we can.   We may as well “sweat the asset” if we can  but only if  it is financially viable for us all.   Best start thinking about the Christmas tree!

I will be in touch early/mid next week.

Have a lovely weekend, and keep safe.

We would appreciate a little email back to tell us how you are as we haven’t heard from everyone yet.  Click here to email us to say hello.

If you are are a vulnerable leaseholder and alone and need any personal support  please click here to email us for help – you are NOT alone.

Take care .

To see all updates that relate to COVID19 – click here



Owners update – 27th March 2020 

Good morning from Kenegie Manor!   What a glorious sunny morning !

Christine has been in touch with all owners on the letting scheme to confirm that your unit has had a mini shut down.

If you have not heard from her yet, don’t panic – she said she will get to you and not to worry , we will take care of it.

Also for the owners not on the letting scheme, we, of course would be delighted to help with a mini shut down , if you would like some assistance at no charge, we are here to help!  Just email her at  before Tuesday 31st March 2020 , and she will email once this has been carried out

On the grounds we have been starting to propagate our own plants from seeds,  and are looking for a location for a poly tunnel. Funnily enough, we are really excited about this small step!

We have also  been personally telephoning  EVERY guest that has been effected by the park closure and  have made excellent progress.  We have made contact with all guests arriving up to 08th April 2020. (we are only dealing with guests in date of arrival order)

This is a mammoth administrative job to talk to our guests and  to process amendments and cancellation refunds,  but that personal service so important for customer retention and loyalty in the future.

If you are not on the letting scheme, it is so important to keep in touch with your guests via email or with that telephone call – don’t let your hard work getting the initial booking just walk out of the door into the sunset, even if you have had to refund them. They are hot leads!   (send them pictures of the cats, beaches and coffee – if you do not like cats then just beaches and coffee – and if you do not like coffee…. you get the idea!)

Behind the scenes we are already starting to lay foundations for a massive marketing plan to switch on when we re-open.  More to follow…

We also have to rest too!  So from today the administration office will be open from Monday – Friday 0900 – 1700 , which will give us time to take care of guests. process the massive amount of administration behind the scenes outside these hours and also rest and look after our families too.

We hope you understand.   We also thought the picture of the cat was mildly humorous.

Have a good weekend. I’ve heard there is good TV on !

Take care and we will be in touch next week.


Update – Tuesday 24th March 2020

Good afternoon!

Who would have thought a week ago we would now be in lockdown ? What a whirlwind of events !

We have been preparing ourselves for the potential of a lockdown  for the last 2 1/2 weeks using our “ramped procedure”

We have also  been working day and night (people say that but we really have!) to ensure  we are following the correct Pandemic procedures to ensure the Estate can continue to function with the minimum of fuss and all essential day to day operational Estate services can still function.

As  of today, the office team are working from their primary residences,  and are connected to our networks and most importantly can keep connected with our guests and yourself in a smooth manner.

We are still understandably extremely stretched as every new announcement from the government creates further uncertainty from our shared customers and additional massive call volumes and email contacts,  which we are still  working through in date of arrival order.

Understandably some guests will be unhappy, but  rest assured we are doing all we can to prioritise and contact all affected customers and we expect this mountain of work to continue to for several weeks to come.  But we will get through it. – it only paperwork ! And, for those that know me personally – I loathe it !

These are truly unprecedented times for us all, in an industry that is based around hospitality, which by definition ‘is the relationship between a guest and a host, wherein the host receives the guest with goodwill, including the reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers’.

In a world where we are unable to receive guests at the moment, it goes against everything every good hospitality operator stands for!

This is a challenging time both operationally and not forgetting mentally.

However, when the sun is out again, we will still here cutting the grass as we are today,  planting the bedding plants and loving everything that we all enjoy about our holiday homes.

We are all now  adjusting to a new temporary way of living.

Just days ago we were gearing up for a busy Easter and beyond!

Rest assured that myself and my amazing team  will be with you and by you every step of the way.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for the kindness, support and understanding you have shown to Kenegie, especially with the overwhelming support of my strong email on Sunday – a position I firmly will not change.

We have been working round the clock to keep up with the rapid pace of change in advice from government and implement this advice into to our business and communicating it in the quickest way possible.

We all woke up today a bit shell-shocked after last nights’ announcement.  It does feel surreal doesn’t it ?

But due to careful and through planning,  I can confirm we are as operationally capable today as we were yesterday.

The phones will be answered, emails will be attended too, the grass will still be cut, planting will be carried out, external maintenance will be done,   with only minimal  essential staff working on site and strictly following all government guidelines.

We will do our best to ensure that during this time we will get things looking tip top for when the sun comes out again!

The grounds, I must say are looking lovely and we do miss you all!   Mark our Groundsman is now growing plants! –   please do take a look at  and if you would like any nice plants in particular – email us at and we will see what we can do.

It is so important during these times of isolation, we all look out for one another and we will be in touch later in the week when I have further information with an update.


We have HD-CCTV for security of the site which was installed in 2019 for your peace of mind.

For owners on the letting scheme, we have conducted a mini shut down on your unit by turning the water off, the fridges are off and left open, ensuring that all appliances are turned off (except smoke alarms of course)  – for safety purposes we will only enter units that have been unoccupied for seven days so this should be done by the end of next week.   Please email by Friday 27th March 2020 if you have any specific instructions.

If you are not on the letting scheme, and we hold a key to the unit , and can confirm in writing that the unit has been vacant for seven days we would be happy to carry out this service free of charge for you.  If you need our help then please email by Friday 27th March 2020.


Update 22nd March 2020

We hope, first and foremost, that you are safe and well.

As you are aware, we made the decision yesterday to close  the park on 23rd March 2020, to guests on the letting scheme until at least the 16th April 2020

I will review this decision on or around 09th April 2020.

This decision I stand by, as is the correct decision for the Estate long term.

At Kenegie Manor,  we are all pulling together to ensure that we all get through this difficult time as smoothly as we possibly can and with the minimum of fuss.

We are still providing  excellent customer service to all our guests so these can be retained and rebooked for the future.

We are also doing our best to keep you, our valued leaseholder as updated as best we can during these very strange times.

That is what we are good at.  This is our business.

Yes this is a blip in the road and yes COVID19 has hit  England like a freight train and is  impacting all our lives.

Firm decisions have to be made, and decisions have to be made by you as leaseholders. so we can look forward, as a collective with optimism and with comfort that we  are doing the right thing, and the right thing now – together.

We do not think we have the “legal authority” to close the park to owners that have holiday homes here.

However, UK Government advice is crystal clear in asking people to avoid “all unnecessary travel” and Cornwall Council want second homeowners to stay away for the time being.

We also look at Her Majesty’s speech on Thursday: –

“We are all being advised to change our normal routines and regular patterns of life for the greater good of the communities we live in and to protect the most vulnerable within them. At times such as these, I am reminded that our nation’s history has been forged by people and communities coming together to work as one, concentrating our combined efforts with a focus on the common goal.”

I would ask you to ask yourself if you agree with this sentiment.

Kenegie Manor has staff that live on the Estate.

We also have an elderly residential community in the Manor House, who we care for deeply, and are more like family now.

We all have a duty of care to protect each other. To think otherwise is reckless and flies in the face of any advice we have.

In light of this, we would ask that any leaseholder with forthcoming bookings or are themselves arriving before 17th April 2020 to seriously consider all the  official advice,  our advice and be responsible  for their own safety ,  the safety of guests, the safety of their cleaners and the safety of us and the parks fiercely protected reputation  as a collective community.

Today we have had leaseholders contact us that plan to ignore our closure advice  and feel their own commercial gain at this stage is more important than the protection of our community.

To you I say there are only 12 ICU beds in Cornwall.

To you I say, if this is so, your future guests will not be welcome in my bar, swimming pool or club house at any time in the future and if you are on the letting scheme and place your own bookings in the units we will not be able to clean for you and we will resign as your managing agent with immediate effect.

If you are not on the letting scheme and we provide housekeeping services we are unable to provide these services at this time.

This is my firm resolve to keep Coronavirus away from Kenegie Manor for the protection of us all.

Yes this may appear a firm approach and may not be popular with a minority.

Thank you so much for all your messages of support and I ask you to please stand behind all us and not in front of the Kenegie Manor community, with this advice.

I will be in touch over the coming days with further information.

Take of yourself, and lets together, take care of the Kenegie Community.


Update 21st March 2020

Following the latest announcement and advice from the government relating to the Coronavirus, we have taken the decision to temporarily close our park to holidaymakers from Monday 23rd March until the 16th April when we will review.

We will contacting all guests in date of arrival order and giving them the opportunity to re-book any time up to 31st March 2021 with no amendment charge or be issuing a full refund.

With the safety of all of us and our excellent reputation this is the correct decision and we will be in touch again shortly with further news.

Take care and speak soon.

All the best.

For the updates on COVID19 – please click here

Update 20th March 2020

Good evening, further to the Government announcement earlier this evening the Old Forge Bar and Indoor Swimming Pool complex will be closed from Saturday 21st March 2020 until further notice.

This decision, we agree with, fully support and is the correct and proper thing to do.

The Park Shop will remain open and all of our guests can still enjoy use the tennis courts and our  putting green.

We will be in touch again shortly and again thank you so much for all your messages of support to us all and allowing us “to get on with things” –  we really do appreciate it!

For owners updates on COVID19  – click here 


Update 19th March 2020 

Good afternoon.

Further to my update on Tuesday,  I promised I would be in regular communication. It seems such a lifetime ago doesn’t it!

Firstly we would like to thank all owners and leaseholders for their support in keeping our phone lines free and allowing us to get on with the running of the Estate.  We are a small team as you know. Thank you again.

From Monday 16th March 2020 we introduced the recommended “social distancing policy” on the Estate and have limited the capacity of the club house building to ensure that we can all comply with this commitment.

From Friday 20th March 2020 our maintenance team and housekeeping team can not enter guest or owners units while the guest is in occupation.  While this “may” have an impact on the guest experience if a tap is broken or need additional linen.

This is both a reassurance to the team and also re-enforces to our guests our serious and unwavering commitment to maintaining a solid consistency of operation and keeping all our well being at the forefront of our minds, always.

At the moment we are dealing with guest enquiries for arrivals up to Friday 27th March 2020 so we can pay close attention and give these guests the care they deserve. At the moment people are concerned and worried.  So far the position with the order book for this week is not a disaster.  As said before we are adopting fair approach to our guests while maintaining a balance to protecting our commercial interests.

It is far to early to say what impact this unfolding situation will have on the Easter trade and this will unfold over the next 3 – 5 days but we are ready and prepared for all senarios.

For our residents in the Manor we have arranged deliveries, if needed.  Just email us or let us know by 2pm daily for next day delivery.

The situation is unfolding daily,  and I will continue to keep you updated as quickly as I can.

Speak soon and take care.

For public updates – click here 

For details of  owner updates click


Updated 17th March 2020 

I write further to my email of 10th March 2020.

At Mckinnon Jardine Leisure Ltd (Kenegie Manor Holiday Park) , the health and safety of our guests, leaseholders and the Estate Team is our number one priority and overrides all other business activities.  Together with our internal strict training procedures of Safety, Security, Service, Standards and Smile we remain fully committed to maintaining and continuing a calm, sensible and prudent risk based approach to the Coronavirus Pandemic.

While know the current situation is unsettling, we reassure you again we are closely monitoring the developing situation and are carefully following Government Guidance so guests can enjoy the holiday they deserve.

The company has adopted a “ramped approach” plan. This means we are slowly ramping up our approach to managing the developing situation in a proportional way.

I think we all agree these are unprecedented and extraordinary times.  The government recommended yesterday that people should avoid non-essential travel.  This statement was relatively vague but some customers will perceive it as a restriction to travel.

We have already received a  high volume of calls relating to this and we are directing all guests to our website for further information and their travel insurance providers.

With everything in mind we have to be mindful of striking the right balance between treating customers fairly, preserving their well being, while protecting our and your commercial interests on this daily developing situation.

At the current time, our normal terms and conditions apply, however over the forthcoming days we may adopt a flexible and fair approach to customer amendments. If a customer wishes to amend their holiday to a higher priced holiday then the difference will be due.  Furthermore if a guest is booked in a particular unit we will endeavour to keep the booking in the same unit.

One of the benefits of Kenegie Manor is guests have their  own holiday home to enjoy during their stay, so it’s possible for them to separate from other holidaymakers, should they wish so at the current time there is no requirement to close the Estate and this would be disproportionate to risk.

There is still a lot of speculation, misinformation and a growing fear about Coronavirus.

During this time my promise to you is to keep you fully informed, via this email and on our website :-

Click here for public updates:-

Click here for owner updates:-

We are open for business as usual, and all park facilities are open, and will provide an update should any immediate changes occur.

Let’s stay safe and all realize while this is the now, and dominating all our lives, we all love Kenegie Manor and this is only a blip in the road.

I have put a few FAQ’s below and I will be in touch again soon.


What is Kenegie Manor doing to prevent the outbreak of Coronavirus ?
We’d like to reassure you we’ve had no outbreaks of Coronavirus at Kenegie Manor and the risk at the present time is perceived as low.
We have very strict cleaning procedures in place throughout all our letting scheme stock and in our main clubhouse building.
We have restricted access through only one clubhouse door and are enforcing to all guests, visitors and leaseholders to use sanitiser on entry.
We have posters around the building, copies of which are on our website and are available for all owners from reception.
All staff and leaseholders are advised to “socially distance”  from Monday 16th March 2020 until further notice.and Facilities are open and can be used subject to the limitations on numbers and customers observing recommended distancing.

I have a question ?
Let’s be honest the developing situation is a once in a lifetime situation.  We will not have all the answers to the questions you may have straight away and due to our volume of additional work we would ask that you limit all low priority contact with the office. We are sure you understand.

What is the next step for Kenegie Manor in the “ramped” approach ?
Our next step, if we are ordered by HM Government is to close our bar area. At the present time upon speaking to major breweries, they are staying open until such order or directive is given.   If this order does not come by Friday 20th March then we will reconsider this.
The pool will remain open however with a severely reduced capacity.

What happens if Kenegie Manor has to close for a period?
Using the “ramped approach” then the actual closure or a physical outbreak of Coronavirus on site is highly unlikely.
However should this happen we have robust contingency measures in place in the unlikely event this should happen to protect us all.

What about the loss of income on the letting scheme during the Coronavirus?
As said above, every guest agrees to our published terms and conditions of booking.
While these apply, we need to be fair to our customers and strike a balance so we will consider waiving our amendment fees in the forthcoming days  and allowing guests to re-book for later in the year. In this case we will always try to keep the guest in the same unit.  We would recommend that owners that are not on the letting scheme check the position with their managing agents.

What are owners that are not on the letting scheme doing to keep their units clean?
We would ask that you check NOW what additional cleaning your housekeepers are doing and obtain this in writing from them should the need occur.  Your insurers will insist on it in the event of a liability claim in relation to Coronavirus.   We also have public information leaflets in the office , together with complimentary soap.
We ask you now to take this seriously and your housekeepers too 

What if a guest feels poorly when on holiday, what is the procedure ?

Again we would like to reassure you that while the risk level remains low we have policy and procedures in place and we will fully follow the guidelines from Public Health England and our local authority.

If a guest develops any symptoms that they feel may be Coronavirus  (a high fever and/or an continuous new cough) however mild, they are asked to  :-

  • Pack up their belongings and return home
  • Leave their key in your accommodation
  • Call reception on 0800 043 6449

Ready to book?

Call the holiday hotline free on 0800 043 6449