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Have you met ASBO our park cat ?

abso2Hello my name is ASBO.  I am Kenegie Manor Holiday Park’s resident cat.  I have lived on the 11 Acre Holiday park for many years now and I really do enjoy the peace and tranquility and meeting so many lovely humans from around the world.

I am looked after and fed by the office and grounds team.  My team of humans do look after me and a few months ago they even put a cat flap in the maintenance building so I can supervise them and come and go as I please.  I am the boss you know !

I spend my days supervising them  to make sure everything runs smoothly around the Estate and also I act as concierge service and try to meet and visit every human visitor individually during their stay to say hello.

I love having my photograph taken so feel free to snap away.  The humans have this thing called FACEBOOK so feel free to upload your holiday photos and favorite Kenegie memories there !

I love you all  and see you soon !


PS  I hear the humans have lots of special offers and you can even stay FREE sometimes if you bring your human friend !



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