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Terms and Conditions regarding your Leave a Legacy entry

You may only submit material for inclusion on our Leave a Legacy collage artwork to be shown at Kenegie Manor, under the following terms and conditions:

  1. Publication of any material you submit to us will be at our sole discretion, and we will not include any image we deem not suitable. Your submission is no guarantee of inclusion as the campaign is subject to strict quantity limits.
  2. You grant us a non-exclusive, perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free, worldwide license to publish your image on our Leave a Legacy collage artwork located at Kenegie Manor.
  3. You warrant that any material you submit is your own original work and that you own the copyright and any other relevant rights.
  4. You warrant that all persons identifiable in a submitted image are known to you (as friends or family members), and that all persons shown in the image, (or the parent or guardian of anyone under the age of 18 years), has given permission for their image to be published.
  5. You warrant that the material or image you submit is not obscene, offensive or otherwise illegal.
  6. You agree not to submit material or an image that is deliberately intended to upset others and take reasonable steps to ensure that any material you submit is not defamatory of any person.

You acknowledge that any breach of these conditions may cause us damage or loss and agree to indemnify us in full and permanently against any third-party liabilities, claims, costs, loss or damage we incur as a result of your breach of conditions (2) to (5) above.

We will remove an image or material if it is proved to breach any of the terms & conditions above, otherwise we reserve the right to use your image or material for as long as we deem appropriate.

All submissions or images for publication on our artwork are subject to approval and strict quantity limits apply. A submission is no guarantee of inclusion.

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