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Keeping entertained during lockdown

After weeks lockdown and social distancing you may be feeling a little cooped up, or if I dare to say it…bored. You might be finding it hard to keep the kids entertained during self-isolation. Don’t worry, we’ve put together a list of fun activities to do at home together! It’s important to keep a positive mindset and keep busy!

Family quiz nights

The perfect way to have fun with family you’re missing. Thanks to video call apps we can keep to social distancing practices but still be face to face with family and friends that may be miles away. Get the whole family together and have a laugh with a family quiz. There are some great quizzes already made up for you to use, just select the designated quiz master, grab your pen and paper and you’re away!

Build a fort

Whether it’s a fortress made of pillows and bed sheets, carboard boxes or even a tent, re-create the camping experience for your kids (and yourself). You can even make some s’mores, then grab some sleeping bags and camp in your fort overnight. It may not be the camping experience you were expecting this year but it’s great fun for the kids.

Cream TeaCooking and baking

Making something delicious together as a family is very rewarding, plus you get to enjoy some scrumptious food or a sweet treat afterwards! Check out these great recipes for the kids to try.



Board games

A classic. Crack out the board games and show the kids some of your old favourites. And if you don’t have any, whip out a deck of cards and the evening is set. Snap, go fish, snakes and ladders, the options are endless! It’s time to show that puzzle you were given years ago a little love too…

Dress up

It’s become very easy to decide to stay in PJ’s all day, who can blame you, they’re comfy! But you don’t need an excuse for a good old dress up. Whether it’s a fireman’s costume or… your wedding dress… get your glad rags on and have a prance around your own home, because why not?!

Garden games

Thankfully, amongst the doom and gloom, we have been blessed with wonderful weather. So, if you’re lucky enough to have one, the garden is the place to be! Have a kick about with a football, race from one end to another, try some hand stand competitions or just enjoy the sun on your face and the fresh air.


Movie nights

Movies are an excellent way to take a step out of everything that’s going on in the world and enter a different one. If you haven’t already got your hands on Disney+ now is the time! There’s nothing better than a real feel good family movie to lighten the mood.

Throw a virutal cocktail party

One for the adults! A virtual cocktail party – or mocktail for the kiddies. For those of us missing a little drink on a Saturday evening why not get creative; make some cocktails of your own and get on a video call to your friends and family, compare drinks and most importantly, enjoy some time together.

We hope that this list of fun ideas to keep entertained during self-isolation has inspired some creative ideas to keep your family busy and positive during these unsettling times.

We really appreciate all of our guests and hope that you can reschedule your booking for later in the year or next year we will have our biggest Easter egg hunt yet! We look forward to welcoming you to our Cornwall holiday park but for now stay safe, stay indoors and protect the NHS.

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