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ASBO Election Manifesto….

ASBO notes that cats were once considered Gods. Therefore, he believes the position of P.M. will be a doddle.

If elected, ASBO promises the following:

· More breaks. Cats know that plenty of rest, preferably in a sunny spot, is vital.
· No taxes. ASBO prefers cat biscuits, food, and love.
· Opportunity for All. Vote ASBO and he’ll ensure every door has a cat flap!
· Visit Kenegie Manor, and ASBO will put his minions (the staff), at your disposal
· Environment. ASBO confirms that wherever he is, at any given time, is his property. However, should you wish to holiday at Kenegie, he will allow brief stays.
· Dogs. ASBO is very happy for dogs to come on site with their owners. Just so long as they know who is boss.

You too could become a favourite of ASBO, just like Jason, the Groundsman. ASBO demonstrates that Jason has his favour by regularly peeing in his shoes!

Vote ASBO! Vote for Feline Good! ASBO – Purrfect for Prime Minister!

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